Saturday, June 12, 2010

at altitude

aahhhh...there remains something very magical and satisfying about my first trip of the season to tuolomne meadows and tioga pass. yes, after 20 or so years of making the pilgrimage, there's the occasional notice of a stray thought that reflects some form of dissatisfaction (clear blue skies, again !?) or the feeling of the need to see something "new" to "make" the trip. usually a result of something i brought with me. then, a moment arrives, the mind quiets and all else is forgotten; when time starts again, it's somehow different, well, i'm different. i'm there...
yep, just got back. it was bliss: cold, windy, snowy, cloudy, sunny, and radiant. this image was taken in the morning at an ice-covered tairn, between the meadows and the pass. 28 degrees at 8:30am. the 11th of june. nice.