Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Before the Mountain Digital

hey, just made an eBook version of Before the Mountain available for download. yes, it doesn't look like the Blurb cover. the Blurb version is no more. it was just too darned difficult to get a reasonable result. the eBook is an "all white" version of the printed book, which has a black background on the cover. i am making the download available at no cost, and simply ask that if readers like it, they make whatever donation they think is reasonable via Paypal. seems pretty fair to me. re: the printed version of the book, i will be announcing pricing shortly - as i will be using PhotoBook Press, i will be giving some thought as to how best to package and distribute the book for those interested. am thinking of including a print along with the signed copy. i am guessing for now that the price will be around $200. what do you think?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer in the Berkshires

i posted a similar shot taken last winter, and couldn't resist re-visiting the old barrel this summer. as i sat on the back porch working, i would glance at it on and off all day. the weather was weird, even for New England - thunderstorms almost everyday for the two weeks i was there. the unsettled weather did, of course, make for interested light patterns, and it finally came together one evening, just as the sun was setting behind a neighbor's tree and i was shuttling to and from the grill...at first, i wanted to post a version taken from the same perspective as the winter shot, but i liked this better. 2 seasons down, 2 to go!

When it rains....

so, while i was on the east coast for a family visit, i received a wonderful note from Maureen at LensWork magazine telling me that i had been selected for their upcoming sept/oct issue! I had submitted for their consideration the entire portfolio contained in my book. if you have ever seen this magazine, you would instantly know why it is not something you recycle after reading. you save these precious little photographic and duotone printing wonders...they are indeed beautiful. LensWork also expressed interest in some of my color work from the same trip as well as a larger version of the video posted below. it has been gratifying and humbling to work with them to prep my portfolio for the issue. as an aside, Brooks indicated that, to his dismay, in the history of the publication, no one had ever submitted a body of work based on Torres del Paine. unbelievable. and lucky for me, eh?