Sunday, April 5, 2009

Before the Mountain, the Video

i recently had the pleasure of having the authors of "Art and Fear",David Bayles and Ted Orland, take a look at the images from Patagonia i am using for my book. they were incredibly generous with their feedback and encouragement, and at one point David thought it would be interesting to see the images in a video. i thought about it for a while, then figured, "why not?" so i went to work, et voila, here's my first effort. what do you think?


Ron said...

I like it very much, the sound of the wind is great and the photographs are stunning. Good luck with it, and I enjoyed your website very much.

Roger said...

John, I listened to your interview with Brooks Jensen last night and just had to check out your video. It's very compelling. The soundtrack really gives me a sense of what it was like there standing in this faboulous landscape. Very wonderfully done. I think I'll post a link to your video on my Facebook photography page. Bravo.