Friday, March 13, 2009

Joshua Tree

just got back from my first trip to Joshua Tree. amazing. nothing like the high desert. mid to high sixties in the sun, with an occasional cool, light breeze that provides a blissful combination of warm and cool. like the Big Sur coast, or Yosemite, sitting on a hot granite slab with a cool breeze generated by a nearby creek. sweet. the rock formations were amazing and seemingly endless. best yet, there was hardly anyone there! i was able to wander aimlessly, moving around the various outcrops, and even though the sun was high on my second day, was able to get great sidelight just by walking around... on another note, i am heading to SF tonight to participate in Photo Alliance's portfolio review. should be fun. when i get back, i will also be posting some images from Hakone Gardens...


sagehawk said...

Hi John,

just wanted to say, I really like your work, and your words. very nice. This particular pic reminds me of some I took in Red Mtn. north of Flagstaff. The serenity of the place is intense.
Keep up the good work and good luck with the book.

Dave (ocotillo concepts)

Andrew said...

Great Photo John, was this taken at Hidden Valley?