Thursday, June 12, 2008

Patagonian Dreams

Actually, it's seemed like a good idea for some time now, but frankly, I've been stalling. I have good reasons, of course, but, um, they seem to have run out. The big motivator for now, comes as a result of a large number of very kind people who have been wondering when the heck they will be able to see some of my pictures from Patagonia! For starters, this blog will attempt to satisfy their(your!) desire, and let me obsess over the "small details" of preparing my favorites for my web gallery....beyond that, it's anyone's guess as to how this will evolve...
This first image clearly could have been taken anywhere, but it wasn't. It was taken somewhere in a place roughly called "Patagonia", in Torres del Paine National Park. In fact, when i looked up from taking this, I could see the magnificent towers, which you will be able to see soon. I guess you could call this an example of what happens when you actually look around you, instead of what you're supposed to be looking at... On a slightly different note, check out Bill Ellzey's site to see if he has posted his version yet!

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barbara dehn said...

I love your site and your writing style!

You've got talent, Kid.